Thursday, 2 December 2010


Hey guys I have been away on the ocean waves for a while. Whilst I have been away I have been working on a conversion of Kharn, (apologies for the horrendous piece of photography) but I need skulls, lots of them, I have tried all the bits online shops google can throw at me,but to no avail, if anyone has got bag of skulls for barter that would be great, or if you would prefer hard cash that's great too, need them skulls!!!!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

The Scarlet Claws

My five year old daughter Niamh asked me recently if she could have a go a painting a miniature, so I said sure thing and found her plastic marine from in the garage. We sat down to paint and this what she came up, got to admit I'm very impressed its a far better effort than my first attempt at painting a marine. The only help I gave her was tidying up the base.
I asked what she wanted to call it, she said scarlet, so we went with the Scarlet Claws.

Niamh in action,

Shes painting a Night Goblin here, which didnt turn out so well.

She is also pretty good at Space Hulk.
My Mrs will kill me for turning her into a geek.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

More Termies

Hey there everything has been very slow going, however I have finished the vast majority of my exams and things have quietened down a little, I have also managed to finish a second terminator squad. I'm not so keen on the paint job I have given these guys compared to what I have painted previously. Its far messier, I think I may have got a little fed up of painting white. I need another motivation injection.
On the plus side I have managed to get most of my World Eaters put together and undercoated. I think I may try the army painter way of dipping to do these, has anyone got any experience of doing this?

Anyway here is Terminator squad Entellus.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


So anyway I have been doing even less than usual on the hobby front, but this time I have a pretty good excuse, I have been hitting the books for my next professional qualification and its like fitting the last year of a degree into three months. I have however managed to complete the second Terminator squad for the COA, as well as making a start at painting Ascanius. Unfortunately I don't have my digital camera with me so I'm unable to take any pics for a couple of weeks. I have also bought and assembled the majority of my World Eaters now, I just need some forgeworld chainaxes. I had asked Dave Taylor if he would convert and paint a model of Kharn for me, but unfortunately his quote was a little out of my financial controllers (Karens) price range, so I will have to try and get round to that at some point. So guys a quick question; Do you think that a purely World Eaters CSM army is competitively viable.

Anyway back to the books, (its iterative rendezvous tonight)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Other things I have been doing (Night Lords)

Recently I have been turning to the dark side and decided to start a CSM army, and I have painted up these guys. I think I may go for a themed Bezerker list though, so these guys may get left out in the cold.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Finally, reinforcements

So I have finally found time to post pictures of the stuff I have been painting, cant believe its taken so long to get my ass in gear on this. So anyway I undercoated these guys with army painters skeleton bone spray then highlighted them up with Vallejo's light flesh, with the final highlight of pure white, the red was done in Mecherite red, devlan mud then blood red and blazing orange.

Hope you like these guys.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Index Astartes, Children of Aeneas

Well I know a lot of this is repetition but I thought I would combine it in a Index Astartes article, for my own reference as much as anything.

As for putting the army together, I have nearly completed the two Teminator squads a Dreadnaught and a Razorback, so pictures to follow soon.

Index Astartes, Children of Aeneas

Chapter Origins

After a long and prosperous history after being cut off from mankind since the beginning of Old Night, the malevolent eye of the universe finally turned its hateful gaze onto the Kardanalians of Cannakkali. Their world although not without its problems, was prosperous and progressive with a strong martial heritage. As prosperity increased so did the decadence in till finally, a new Warlord rose to prominence on the southern continent, the Taxiarchos of Delectation had united the Kingdoms of the south under his lurid banner ,and was marching on Wilusa the citadel of Kardanalians. The war was long, lasting a hundred and forty Solar cycles before the mighty walls of Wilusa fell and the Kardanalians were destroyed or enslaved by their vile enemy.
Unknown to the followers of the Taxiarchos, secret off world evacuations had been conducted by the Kardanalians, numbering tens of thousands of the best, brightest and hardiest of their number, none more so than their leader, the Legate Aeneas.

Aeneas led the exodites for many years through warp and void, until finally encountering the Imperial defence networks on the eastern fringe, an imperial interceptor squadron was dispatched from the picket fleet in the Umbrairian system. Miraculously hostilities did not occur and tentative negotiations were entered into immediately.

The Exodite fleet was escorted in system, Aeneas proceeded planet side with his Praetorians, where a covenant was reached with The Regent of Umbriar, allowing the Exodites sanctuary, in exchange for the pledge of loyalty to Him on earth.

The followers of Aeneas quickly adapted and integrated into Umbriarian society, excelling as artisans and soldiers. The Kardanalian armed forces became renowned along the arm of Sagittarius for their discipline and martial prowess. However the need for vengeance still burned brightly within the psyche of the Kardanalians.

During the Anassis campaign the Kardanalien's fought alongside the Talon Knights Chapter Astartes, gaining great respect from the super human warriors.

Thus when the High Lords required the founding of a new chapter of Space Marines, the Kardanalians were nominated by Talon Knights Chapter Master Numikas as suitable gene stock.

The exodites were selected

After the long and arduous progress of surgery, mental indoctrination and training by the Talon Knights. The Exodites were declared combat effective and were added to the list of active Astartes Chapters on great Terra.
The ceremonial commissioning of the Exodites was conducted on the bridge of the battle barge Propontis. High above Umbriaria, Numikas presented the Great Spear of Illum and the shield of the wolf to Ascanius, ordaining him as Legate of the Children of Aeneas, Astartes.
On completion of the ceremony, and once the distinguished guests had departed, Ascanius slumped in his command chair, removed his ceremonial open faced helmet and gazed intently at his gauntleted hands, his voice drew out slowly, deep and bold but without anger,
Brothers the time has come, we now have the tools, we are favoured, vengeance shall be ours.
The command team looked at each other expectantly.
He turned his weary gaze to his navigator, his grey-green eyes boring into the man, Set course for Cannakkali.
The Navigator clicked his heels and span to pass the order.

The people of Umbrairia, were confused and outraged they couldn’t understand where the Astartes fleet had gone.
Numikas feared he had made a most fatal mistake as he watched the Exodite fleet depart from low anchor in the Azure skies. Communications and challenges were dispatched, the only answer being silence. The planetary defence grid flashed to life, targeting the wayward vessels. But Numikas stayed his hand and let the descendants of Aeneas depart to their destiny.

A tear ran down Ascanius's proud face as his fleet dropped out of reality and away from the light of the Imperium towards the darkness of revenge.

Combat Doctrines

The exodites follow standard Astartes spear tip doctrine, they were taught the art of war by the Talon Knights Chapter who are a Raven Guard successor chapter, so they were trained primarily in highly mobile stealth tactics, never the less the Children of Aeneas are a far more balanced fighting force embracing all the teachings of the Codex Astartes.

A strictly Codex Chapter, although at the time of the Umbrairian betrayal they had a greater number than the average scouts due to Ascanius’s desire to have a strong a force of aspirants as possible upon the break from the Imperium.

Although the desire to return to Cannakkali burns brightly within the chest of the Exodites, they have conflicted feelings to the Imperium and feel a collected guilt at there betrayal.

Gene Seed
Raven Guard

Chapter Motto
Pro Valde Reverto

Friday, 26 February 2010

Tactical Squad Pandarus

OK so I finally got my first squad finished, Its taken me a lot longer than I envisaged but here they are, with regards to the chapter symbol I ordered some 15mm transfers from VVV but they didn't quite fit the shoulder pads so I trimmed the legs of the eagle off each transfer and they fit quite well now. These guys are just black reach marines but I think they have come up fairly well. I'm not much of a photographer yet but I will get there.

Ascanius Longra

Hey so I promised some pictures of the stuff I have been doing, this is my Chapter Master (Legate), I used termie legs, a tactical marine torso, a chaos warrior cloak trimmed right down, a dark elf spear and a Maxi mini head, the chest armour was just thin strips of plasticard cut to shape. I really like this guy, he does however tower over a standard marine, which I'm not sure about yet.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Its Easy to Paint White

Have been finding it very painstaking painting the white on to my marines, layer after layer after layer, strangely I didnt mind when I was at work as it filled out the time off watch and I only had a finite amount of marines with me, now however with being at home and balancing a young family a disaproving partner and a pile of marines it had become a little bit of a burden. Then I was surfing and I found for

I imagine I'am a bit behind the rest of the community when it comes to non GW paint products, but as soon as I saw this I thought this is for me, I scrolled through the different colour primers and found skeleton bone,

This stuff seems after initial test sprays to be pretty good, I think there may be a tendancy for it to cover detail a little but I'am still undecided about that, It takes alot of the work out of painting white and for you Dark Angels players its like Deathwing in a can.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Very little on the hobby front and some help needed (prize for the best suggestion)

I have been very busy recently but unfortunately have done very little on the hobby front, I have finally got home from work and have been spending alot of time with my girls.
I recieved my transfers from VVV however they arent quite the right size for marine shoulder pads which is dissapointing, so I'am still looking for an appropriate chapter symbol for the COA, I feel like I have hit a block on this and could do with some help, any ideas? (pack of five Maxi mini heads for the winning suggestion)
I have done some work on my Chapter Master and the conversion work is nearly done, there is just some final detailing work to be done, pictures to follow.

Loads to crack on with.