Friday, 6 November 2009

The First Exodite

Have finally got my ass in gear and started putting these guys together. I received the tribe of the black lotus heads and shields from, and these bits are amazing. They fit perfectly for SM head swaps and will only need a little bit of green stuffing to fill in the open face portion of the helms.

I wanted to reposition the legs, so i chopped them up at the joints and drilled through each section before threading fuse wire through and gluing them in place. I am reasonably happy with the pose although the right foot needs a little work. I intend to model some greaves out of plasticard which will cover some of the roughness up, and I will green stuff the links between the armour. Like I said the helm will need a little work, but I'm very pleased with the scale of it. I got the brass rod spears of ebay very cheaply not sure if I'm going to use it on the finished model, I'm going to try some Dark Elf ones first.

As always let me know what you think