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Index Astartes, Children of Aeneas

Well I know a lot of this is repetition but I thought I would combine it in a Index Astartes article, for my own reference as much as anything.

As for putting the army together, I have nearly completed the two Teminator squads a Dreadnaught and a Razorback, so pictures to follow soon.

Index Astartes, Children of Aeneas

Chapter Origins

After a long and prosperous history after being cut off from mankind since the beginning of Old Night, the malevolent eye of the universe finally turned its hateful gaze onto the Kardanalians of Cannakkali. Their world although not without its problems, was prosperous and progressive with a strong martial heritage. As prosperity increased so did the decadence in till finally, a new Warlord rose to prominence on the southern continent, the Taxiarchos of Delectation had united the Kingdoms of the south under his lurid banner ,and was marching on Wilusa the citadel of Kardanalians. The war was long, lasting a hundred and forty Solar cycles before the mighty walls of Wilusa fell and the Kardanalians were destroyed or enslaved by their vile enemy.
Unknown to the followers of the Taxiarchos, secret off world evacuations had been conducted by the Kardanalians, numbering tens of thousands of the best, brightest and hardiest of their number, none more so than their leader, the Legate Aeneas.

Aeneas led the exodites for many years through warp and void, until finally encountering the Imperial defence networks on the eastern fringe, an imperial interceptor squadron was dispatched from the picket fleet in the Umbrairian system. Miraculously hostilities did not occur and tentative negotiations were entered into immediately.

The Exodite fleet was escorted in system, Aeneas proceeded planet side with his Praetorians, where a covenant was reached with The Regent of Umbriar, allowing the Exodites sanctuary, in exchange for the pledge of loyalty to Him on earth.

The followers of Aeneas quickly adapted and integrated into Umbriarian society, excelling as artisans and soldiers. The Kardanalian armed forces became renowned along the arm of Sagittarius for their discipline and martial prowess. However the need for vengeance still burned brightly within the psyche of the Kardanalians.

During the Anassis campaign the Kardanalien's fought alongside the Talon Knights Chapter Astartes, gaining great respect from the super human warriors.

Thus when the High Lords required the founding of a new chapter of Space Marines, the Kardanalians were nominated by Talon Knights Chapter Master Numikas as suitable gene stock.

The exodites were selected

After the long and arduous progress of surgery, mental indoctrination and training by the Talon Knights. The Exodites were declared combat effective and were added to the list of active Astartes Chapters on great Terra.
The ceremonial commissioning of the Exodites was conducted on the bridge of the battle barge Propontis. High above Umbriaria, Numikas presented the Great Spear of Illum and the shield of the wolf to Ascanius, ordaining him as Legate of the Children of Aeneas, Astartes.
On completion of the ceremony, and once the distinguished guests had departed, Ascanius slumped in his command chair, removed his ceremonial open faced helmet and gazed intently at his gauntleted hands, his voice drew out slowly, deep and bold but without anger,
Brothers the time has come, we now have the tools, we are favoured, vengeance shall be ours.
The command team looked at each other expectantly.
He turned his weary gaze to his navigator, his grey-green eyes boring into the man, Set course for Cannakkali.
The Navigator clicked his heels and span to pass the order.

The people of Umbrairia, were confused and outraged they couldn’t understand where the Astartes fleet had gone.
Numikas feared he had made a most fatal mistake as he watched the Exodite fleet depart from low anchor in the Azure skies. Communications and challenges were dispatched, the only answer being silence. The planetary defence grid flashed to life, targeting the wayward vessels. But Numikas stayed his hand and let the descendants of Aeneas depart to their destiny.

A tear ran down Ascanius's proud face as his fleet dropped out of reality and away from the light of the Imperium towards the darkness of revenge.

Combat Doctrines

The exodites follow standard Astartes spear tip doctrine, they were taught the art of war by the Talon Knights Chapter who are a Raven Guard successor chapter, so they were trained primarily in highly mobile stealth tactics, never the less the Children of Aeneas are a far more balanced fighting force embracing all the teachings of the Codex Astartes.

A strictly Codex Chapter, although at the time of the Umbrairian betrayal they had a greater number than the average scouts due to Ascanius’s desire to have a strong a force of aspirants as possible upon the break from the Imperium.

Although the desire to return to Cannakkali burns brightly within the chest of the Exodites, they have conflicted feelings to the Imperium and feel a collected guilt at there betrayal.

Gene Seed
Raven Guard

Chapter Motto
Pro Valde Reverto