Tuesday, 22 June 2010


So anyway I have been doing even less than usual on the hobby front, but this time I have a pretty good excuse, I have been hitting the books for my next professional qualification and its like fitting the last year of a degree into three months. I have however managed to complete the second Terminator squad for the COA, as well as making a start at painting Ascanius. Unfortunately I don't have my digital camera with me so I'm unable to take any pics for a couple of weeks. I have also bought and assembled the majority of my World Eaters now, I just need some forgeworld chainaxes. I had asked Dave Taylor if he would convert and paint a model of Kharn for me, but unfortunately his quote was a little out of my financial controllers (Karens) price range, so I will have to try and get round to that at some point. So guys a quick question; Do you think that a purely World Eaters CSM army is competitively viable.

Anyway back to the books, (its iterative rendezvous tonight)