Friday, 26 February 2010

Tactical Squad Pandarus

OK so I finally got my first squad finished, Its taken me a lot longer than I envisaged but here they are, with regards to the chapter symbol I ordered some 15mm transfers from VVV but they didn't quite fit the shoulder pads so I trimmed the legs of the eagle off each transfer and they fit quite well now. These guys are just black reach marines but I think they have come up fairly well. I'm not much of a photographer yet but I will get there.

Ascanius Longra

Hey so I promised some pictures of the stuff I have been doing, this is my Chapter Master (Legate), I used termie legs, a tactical marine torso, a chaos warrior cloak trimmed right down, a dark elf spear and a Maxi mini head, the chest armour was just thin strips of plasticard cut to shape. I really like this guy, he does however tower over a standard marine, which I'm not sure about yet.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Its Easy to Paint White

Have been finding it very painstaking painting the white on to my marines, layer after layer after layer, strangely I didnt mind when I was at work as it filled out the time off watch and I only had a finite amount of marines with me, now however with being at home and balancing a young family a disaproving partner and a pile of marines it had become a little bit of a burden. Then I was surfing and I found for

I imagine I'am a bit behind the rest of the community when it comes to non GW paint products, but as soon as I saw this I thought this is for me, I scrolled through the different colour primers and found skeleton bone,

This stuff seems after initial test sprays to be pretty good, I think there may be a tendancy for it to cover detail a little but I'am still undecided about that, It takes alot of the work out of painting white and for you Dark Angels players its like Deathwing in a can.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Very little on the hobby front and some help needed (prize for the best suggestion)

I have been very busy recently but unfortunately have done very little on the hobby front, I have finally got home from work and have been spending alot of time with my girls.
I recieved my transfers from VVV however they arent quite the right size for marine shoulder pads which is dissapointing, so I'am still looking for an appropriate chapter symbol for the COA, I feel like I have hit a block on this and could do with some help, any ideas? (pack of five Maxi mini heads for the winning suggestion)
I have done some work on my Chapter Master and the conversion work is nearly done, there is just some final detailing work to be done, pictures to follow.

Loads to crack on with.