Friday, 5 February 2010

Very little on the hobby front and some help needed (prize for the best suggestion)

I have been very busy recently but unfortunately have done very little on the hobby front, I have finally got home from work and have been spending alot of time with my girls.
I recieved my transfers from VVV however they arent quite the right size for marine shoulder pads which is dissapointing, so I'am still looking for an appropriate chapter symbol for the COA, I feel like I have hit a block on this and could do with some help, any ideas? (pack of five Maxi mini heads for the winning suggestion)
I have done some work on my Chapter Master and the conversion work is nearly done, there is just some final detailing work to be done, pictures to follow.

Loads to crack on with.


  1. First time to your blog, found it in the list at Bells.
    If you're looking to get a custom transfer for your marines, have you thought of doing them on your own? Bells has a pretty complete guide on how to do it and what you'll need.
    Check out any of the articles for the instructions. I haven't done it but it doesn't look to involved.


  2. Presumably you got the 25mm transfers - maybe the 15mm ones in the same design would be a better fit? Could still use the 25s on vehicles/shields and such.

  3. No I got the 15mm transfers, they just fit on a SM shoulder pads, but they are extreamly delicate and I 'am having difficulty working with them, thanks Tim I will have a look at that, although I'am thinking of freehanding all the detail.