Thursday, 23 May 2013

The XIV Legion

Its been ages, just had a fantastically busy time of it recently. Just checked my last blog post and it was like 2 years ago! Thats gone quick, I havent been completely hobby free the last couple of years, I have been continuing with my reavers (see a couple of posts back) and they are pretty much complete. I will post some pics of these soon if anyone is interested. Anyway down to business, recently I have become a resin addict. I always said to myself that I wouldnt fork out that kind of money, anyway after a visit to GD last year I finally broke and started to buy from FW. With the increasing HH range and the really cool and interesting models that are being produced I decided to start a Heresy era Death Guard force, so the pictures below are my first tac squad I may add to this and go for the big blob tac squad which is available in the Betrayal book. I think my painting has inproved but unfortunately my photography has not, so apologies for the picture quality.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chetywnd Foresters

I brought a Baneblade a little while ago, I really liked the kit however once I had painted it up it looked a little lonely in my display cabinet, my intention was never to start an IG army but it seems to happening organically so every now and a gain I add to it. so far I have painted up an infantry platoon and a chimera I still have a veterans squad to paint up and would like to add a couple of forge world items to the force. I don't think I will ever field them as an army, I'm just doing this lot for pleasure.
I know its a fairly dull paint scheme but I have enjoyed painting these up.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Some More COA Reinforcements

Legate Ascanius(WIP)

Not far from finally finishing my army general now, really pleased with him so far, I am a little concerned about how tall he is though, with the dragon forge base he is about twice as tall as a usual marine.

Tactical Squad Da'res, I painted these guys with a slightly different technique than the other tactical squad, it seems to give them a slightly crisper fresh off the boat look.

And this is their Rhino.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My Warhound

Wow 2 posts in one day.

I just thought I would show you guys a couple of pics of my home made warhound that I have been working on for what seems like years.

I got the plans from BWC archive on Yahoo groups.

There is still a great deal to do on this guy, but I am still tinkering with it. I will probably need to remake the mega bolter as it didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped and the paint work needs reworking.

The Reivers (Khorne Bezerkers)

Here is the start of my world eaters, I have always been an incredibly slow painter so I thought I would try something different for Khornes chosen.

I spray painted them black, then got my daughter Niamh to dry brush them Mecherite Red, before untidily highlighting them with Blood Red and painting in the gold.

Then I decided to use Army Painters quick shade, now this is the first time I have tried dipping so there were lessons to be learnt.

1 A quick in and out of the tin is all the model needs, (too long causes to much of the dip to pool on the model)
2 Flicking the dipped model is essential to remove excess dip, if this isn't done then it will pool and harden which leads to the dip obscuring the detail.
3 Leave the model for over 24 hours before spraying on the varnish, if you don't then the model will "frost".

after the bezerkers had been dipped and sprayed I then painted on the details.

I am fairly content with the results, It wasn't as fast I had hoped it would be, but It was certainly a great deal faster than painting in my usual methods.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Butcher Lord Hathor (Kharn Proxy)

Ok once again I havent posted for a while, but here are some more WIP pics of my Kharn proxy.

I cant really claim the credit as I ripped the idea for this conversion from

I hope he doesnt mind.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Chance Meeting

So I was was in Glasgow today and amongst other things I decided to pop into Games Workshop to get January's copy of White Dwarf and a plastic deamon prince. Its a very busy store on the weekend and as I was in there I looked around and did a double take as I saw a face I recognised, it was none other than Graham McNeil doing a book signing, I was totally stoked as I think he is definitely one of the best Black Library authors. I added a copy of god king to my shopping list and got in the queue to get him to scribble in it. Got to say he seemed like a top guy and was more than willing to talk about his work, what stood out for me was his desire to give what can be perceived as by some as boring chapters or legions a depth that perhaps hasn't before been achieved. He spoke whole heartedly about his attempted to humanise the Thousand Sons and the Ultramarines, (I'm paraphrasing here). He also gave the impression that the first part of the story arc of the Heresy is nearly complete with just a few loose ends to tie up with the origins of the Heresy. He also talked about the difficulty the guys on the team writing team had with planning the writing on seven year window between Istavaan and the siege of Terra, due to there being very little written on it historically. He also mentioned that during one of these planning meetings someone came up with a truly radical idea, which he described at the time as completely out of the box, but in hindsight making perfect sense. On a side note here I was always under the impression that the Black Library doesn't run strictly to Games Workshop IP fluff, but apparently they ran the "radical idea" passes Alan Merret and he said yes we will go with that. He was very careful not to give anything away but from what I can tell it runs along the lines of the Ultramarines throwing there weight around with respect to the instigation of the Codex Astartes and he refer ed to one of the short stories that he has written for the upcoming Heresy anthology "Age of Darkness" the short story is apparently called "Rules of Engagement" and apparently it the last two lines of this story hints at the shape of things to come, and how the Codex almost leads to a double galactic civil war. I know that none of this is real news to the fluff addicts out there but it was kinda cool hearing from the horses mouth some hints about which way they are going to take the story arc.
He also said that once the siege of terra has been completed and Horus defeated, that there are still many tales to tell concerning the Dark Angels and the Scouring to name but two.
Like I said he seemed like a really cool guy and I enjoyed chatting to him.

By the way the COA are coming along, and I have some Berserkers painted up now, pictures to follow soon.

Till the next time.