Thursday, 23 May 2013

The XIV Legion

Its been ages, just had a fantastically busy time of it recently. Just checked my last blog post and it was like 2 years ago! Thats gone quick, I havent been completely hobby free the last couple of years, I have been continuing with my reavers (see a couple of posts back) and they are pretty much complete. I will post some pics of these soon if anyone is interested. Anyway down to business, recently I have become a resin addict. I always said to myself that I wouldnt fork out that kind of money, anyway after a visit to GD last year I finally broke and started to buy from FW. With the increasing HH range and the really cool and interesting models that are being produced I decided to start a Heresy era Death Guard force, so the pictures below are my first tac squad I may add to this and go for the big blob tac squad which is available in the Betrayal book. I think my painting has inproved but unfortunately my photography has not, so apologies for the picture quality.

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