Monday, 19 July 2010

The Scarlet Claws

My five year old daughter Niamh asked me recently if she could have a go a painting a miniature, so I said sure thing and found her plastic marine from in the garage. We sat down to paint and this what she came up, got to admit I'm very impressed its a far better effort than my first attempt at painting a marine. The only help I gave her was tidying up the base.
I asked what she wanted to call it, she said scarlet, so we went with the Scarlet Claws.

Niamh in action,

Shes painting a Night Goblin here, which didnt turn out so well.

She is also pretty good at Space Hulk.
My Mrs will kill me for turning her into a geek.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

More Termies

Hey there everything has been very slow going, however I have finished the vast majority of my exams and things have quietened down a little, I have also managed to finish a second terminator squad. I'm not so keen on the paint job I have given these guys compared to what I have painted previously. Its far messier, I think I may have got a little fed up of painting white. I need another motivation injection.
On the plus side I have managed to get most of my World Eaters put together and undercoated. I think I may try the army painter way of dipping to do these, has anyone got any experience of doing this?

Anyway here is Terminator squad Entellus.