Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chetywnd Foresters

I brought a Baneblade a little while ago, I really liked the kit however once I had painted it up it looked a little lonely in my display cabinet, my intention was never to start an IG army but it seems to happening organically so every now and a gain I add to it. so far I have painted up an infantry platoon and a chimera I still have a veterans squad to paint up and would like to add a couple of forge world items to the force. I don't think I will ever field them as an army, I'm just doing this lot for pleasure.
I know its a fairly dull paint scheme but I have enjoyed painting these up.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Some More COA Reinforcements

Legate Ascanius(WIP)

Not far from finally finishing my army general now, really pleased with him so far, I am a little concerned about how tall he is though, with the dragon forge base he is about twice as tall as a usual marine.

Tactical Squad Da'res, I painted these guys with a slightly different technique than the other tactical squad, it seems to give them a slightly crisper fresh off the boat look.

And this is their Rhino.