Friday, 11 December 2009

Colour Scheme Mk2

Hey guys its been a while since Ive posted, have been busy with work but I have also been busy with the COA, I have finished two Sergeants and my terminator captain, pictures will follow very shortly ( I haven't got a good enough camera, so a friend will be taking some pictures for me). Anyway in the mean time here's an update of my colour scheme, I have ordered the eagle decals in red and I'm hoping they turn up soon. Till the next time.

I really like the white colour scheme, but I'm finding it very hard to paint. I start with a base coat of Calth brown, Fortress grey and Foudation white and then build it up using the white. I'am trying to blend it, althougth I'm either not getting it right or I'm running out of patience, any tips guys?

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